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Adam-Beilgard's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 3,098 (From 438 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 60,005 Points

Castle Guardian

Secret Get! Unlocked 8/18/10
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Give it a Chance Unlocked 8/18/10
10 Points
Play for 10 minutes
Halfway there Unlocked 8/18/10
10 Points
Get to day 10
Money Bags Unlocked 8/18/10
10 Points
Collect $10,000
Slayer Unlocked 8/18/10
10 Points
Kill 100 enemies
Completed Unlocked 8/18/10
25 Points
Complete the game
Full Bestiary Unlocked 8/18/10
25 Points
Destroy every enemy
Powerhouse Unlocked 8/18/10
25 Points
Fully Upgrade Strength
Smiter Unlocked 8/18/10
25 Points
Kill 1000 enemies
Survivor Unlocked 8/19/10
25 Points
Get 150 kills in survival
Must Get Achievement Unlocked 8/18/10
50 Points
Collect 50 of the 85 achievements
Achievement Addict 100 Points Collect every single achievement!

Medals Earned: 11/12 (220/320 points)


Cat Hoarder Unlocked 10/25/10
10 Points
Store 50 ammo cats.
Clownage! Unlocked 10/25/10
25 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Combo Master! Unlocked 10/25/10
25 Points
Score 30 combos during the whole game.
Cattastic! Unlocked 10/25/10
50 Points
Win the game.
I sure pimped my ride. Unlocked 10/25/10
50 Points
Max out all upgrades in the upgrades shop.
You sure rocked this one! Unlocked 10/25/10
100 Points
Beat the game by using rocks only.
Trap Frenzy! 25 Points Knock out 20 enemies with the trap helper.
Turrrrrrific! 25 Points Kill 30 cats with the turret helper.
Time to heal. Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 6/9 (260/320 points)

Cathode Raybots

Channel Flipper Unlocked 2/8/13
5 Points
Defeat the Regular TV crew.
N00Binator Unlocked 2/7/13
5 Points
Kill the N00bs.
Proletariat Unlocked 2/11/13
5 Points
Defeat the Bourgeois.
Unpatriotic Unlocked 2/8/13
5 Points
Defeat the Patriots.
67 Deep Sixer 5 Points Defeat the 67 Bots.
Bad Dude 5 Points Defeat the Bad Dudes.
Butt Pincher 5 Points Defeat the HUGE Jerks.
Castle Crusher 5 Points Defeat the Castle Crashers.
Emotikiller 5 Points Kill the NG Emotes.
Evil Slayer 5 Points Defeat the Evil Bosses.
Gang Banger 5 Points Defeat 10 random bosses.
Hate the Game 5 Points Defeat the VG Legends.
Jerk Killer 5 Points Defeat the Jerk Squad.
Killer of Legends 5 Points Kill the legendary characters.
Travisty 5 Points Defeat the Travis Bots.
Troll 5 Points Defeat the NG Folks.

Medals Earned: 4/16 (20/80 points)

Cave of No Return

Inquisitive Soul Unlocked 9/12/11
5 Points
View The Credits
No Return Unlocked 9/12/11
5 Points
Enter The Cave of No Return
Mushrooms Are Bad For You Unlocked 9/12/11
10 Points
Enter The Mushroom Forest
Sliding Princess Unlocked 9/12/11
10 Points
Slide A Fair Bit
Going On A Trip Unlocked 9/12/11
25 Points
Trip 5 Times During 1 Game
Sliding Queen Unlocked 9/12/11
25 Points
Slide Quite A Bit
Going On A Longer Trip Unlocked 9/12/11
50 Points
Trip 10 Times During 1 Game
Mother of Slide Unlocked 9/12/11
50 Points
Slide A Lot!
There But Not Back Again Unlocked 9/12/11
100 Points
Trip 15 Times During 1 Game
Rain of Pebbles 10 Points Stay Close To The Avalanche For A Short Amount Of Time
Rain of Stones 25 Points Stay Close To The Avalanche For A Medium Amount Of Time
Stone Storm 50 Points Stay Close To The Avalanche For Quite A While!

Medals Earned: 9/12 (280/365 points)

Cave of Wonders

Black Coffin Unlocked 8/22/10
10 Points
Die before beating Luis.
Exterminator Unlocked 8/22/10
10 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Rude awakening Unlocked 8/22/10
10 Points
Defeat Luis' 1st form.
Tighty whitey power Unlocked 8/22/10
10 Points
Defeat Luis' 2nd form.
Abyss-mal Unlocked 8/22/10
25 Points
Find the 2nd alternate ending.
Grape Crush Unlocked 5/16/12
25 Points
Find the 1st alternate ending.
Stack the deck Unlocked 8/22/10
25 Points
Defeat Luis' 3rd form.
Flee powder Unlocked 8/22/10
50 Points
Escape the cave.
Lou Lou Zoom 50 Points Beat the game in under 200 seconds.
Real Ultimate Power 100 Points Complete all other achievements!

Medals Earned: 8/10 (165/315 points)

Charlie Buchanan: Job

Charlie Buchanan, BAMF Unlocked 7/21/12
10 Points
"That's the last time he'll give an interview..."

Medals Earned: 1/1 (10/10 points)


Die 100 Deaths Unlocked 10/16/11
5 Points
Die 100 times (in a single game)
30 Down... Unlocked 10/16/11
10 Points
Complete 30 rooms
Game Complete Unlocked 10/16/11
25 Points
Reach the end of the game

Medals Earned: 3/3 (40/40 points)

Chibi Knight

Dragon-slayer Unlocked 9/14/10
5 Points
Beat Island Beast
Slash-n'-burn Unlocked 9/14/10
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Chibi-mage Unlocked 9/14/10
10 Points
Get all 4 spells
Furball-slayer Unlocked 9/14/10
10 Points
Beat Canyon Beast
Demon-slayer Unlocked 9/14/10
25 Points
Defeat Demon Beast
Speed-runner Unlocked 9/15/10
25 Points
Beat game without getting the axe and without getting any spells
Worthy-chibi Unlocked 9/14/10
25 Points
Defeat all 3 knights
Grinder Unlocked 9/15/10
50 Points
Level up everything to level 8

Medals Earned: 8/8 (155/155 points)

Ching Chong Beautiful

Ignorance Isn't Bliss Unlocked 12/14/09
5 Points
Finish the Tutorial
Ching Champion! 25 Points Defeat the Wicked Obstacle Course!
Long Fall 25 Points Fall a long time for your ancestors
Long Slide 25 Points Slide a HELLA long time!
Too Close! 25 Points Save yourself from falling ten times
Big Baby 50 Points Earn all Platinums on Easy
Meet the Winners 50 Points Meet all the previous contestants
Brave as a Married Man 100 Points Earn all Platinums on Medium
Seppuku's Soul 100 Points Earn all Platinums on Hard

Medals Earned: 1/9 (5/405 points)

City Siege 4: Alien Siege

Start Playing Unlocked 11/13/12
5 Points
Start The Game!
100 Kills Unlocked 11/13/12
10 Points
Kill 100 Baddies
Burn Stuff Unlocked 11/13/12
10 Points
Burn Stuff!
Kill Plant Boss Unlocked 11/15/12
10 Points
Kill Plant Boss
Max Troops Unlocked 11/14/12
10 Points
Fill Every Slot in Your Army
Buy R-Wing Unlocked 11/14/12
25 Points
Buy R-Wing
Completed Unlocked 11/15/12
25 Points
Complete all Levels
Tremerz Unlocked 11/15/12
25 Points
Kill a Worm Boss
All Gold Unlocked 11/15/12
50 Points
Get a Gold Medal on All Levels
Buy Mech Unlocked 11/13/12
50 Points
Buy Mech
Own All Units Unlocked 11/14/12
50 Points
Buy One of Each Unit

Medals Earned: 11/11 (270/270 points)